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CrossFit Coorparoo

Gym1/44-50 Harries Road, Coorparoo

The energy in this gym is second to none....I literally count down the hours when i walk out the doors to when I walk back in them. Trent, Sarah and the team really have created a very, very special environment. The last person to finish is just as important as the first and everyone is more then happy to help each other out. All i can say is, GET DOWN HERE!Matt Boyce

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CrossFit Coorparoo (CFC) has a vibe and energy that is like no other. Working out at CFC is always a fun experience, but at the same time a place where you can build the foundations you need to be successful in CrossFit. I have never been pushed as hard or challenged by exercise in my life, but I have also never achieved such amazing milestones. CFC coaches have given me the tools to become competent in CrossFit movements and the people that I work out with have kept me motivated and loving every minute. Success at CFC is created by the people and the constant encouragement everyone gives each other. I wouldn't trade the atmosphere for anything! CrossFit in general is the type of exercise where all you can do is get better and better, there is no end to where you can go and CFC's attitude is bring it on! Saet Breakey

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I spent three months lurking on the CrossFit Coorparoo website, checking out the WOD's, thinking that they were too hard, or that I needed to be fitter to start CrossFit. This was a mistake. That is three months, of wasted opportunity. The Crew at CFC, could not have made me feel more welcome. I have never felt that I may be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, the tuition and instruction from the Team ensures that never happens. When I walk into the Box at 5 am, the other members all have that look on their face, and a knowing smile, "We have got it really good here." The other Members are a supportive and caring crew. There are people there who know my PB's better than I do. Everyone is at completely different levels, but everyone is united by giving their absolute best for every session. Tony Trigg

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I was skeptical about CrossFit for a long time before I started up here but the team at CrossFit Coorparoo have proven me wrong. All of the coaches are fun, friendly and form-focused. It's more important to have the form correct and the movement right than to do the most reps or the heaviest weight. After weight training exclusively for a long time these are the guys that made me want to include CrossFit in my weekly workouts. Definitely worth a check outaxicana

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Venus Womens Gym

Gym3/61 Holdsworth Street, Coorparoo

With two of the best trainers, comes an even better environment to train in. I have never felt so comfortable or confident in training in front of other until i trained here. Venus (Female Focused Fitness) says it all, women empowering, supporting and encouraging other women to push and strive for what they want and these two Amelia and Nicole really do want the best for you. You may leave the gym hating on them and feeling sore for the next few days but deep down you know it's all out of love and compassion. I have come so far from when I first started training and I couldn't have done it without these two pushing and encouraging me to be at my best. Thank you for everything you do and continue to do not only for me but everyone else at Venus. We truly do love you both and I wouldn't want to train anywhere else. Venus truly the best environment and i feel welcomed and wanted by all. Everyone get on down to Venus and come see what it's all about, you won't leave disappointed :) Amy Sommerfeld

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I have never experienced a fitness facility like Venus Women's Gym. The women (staff and cliental included) cheer you on to finish your last squat and to run your last metre. Milly and Nic (the trainers) are so personally devoted to what your specific goals are. They want you to be fit just as much as you want to be fit but they also want you to have fun. The idea of having a gym that is purely classes and PT based is brilliant! I no longer run the risk of turning up to gym and not knowing what to do because at Venus I am being guided on what to do and how to do it. There's a sense of community at Venus Women's Gym and a no-hate policy; no self-hate and no hate towards others. What is better than self-love, showing love and getting fit whilst doing so. Proud to say I'm a member of Venus Women's Gym and I encourage you to feel proud to be one too!Courtie Purvis

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VENUS - WOW!!! Female Focussed Fitness, Friendly with Fabulous results. The feeling you get when you enter a gym that's so much more than just a training facility is unsurpassed here. On a daily basis you will meet so many amazing women, students, young mums, career professionals, empty nesters who all share a common goal. At Venus, Amelia and Nicole really understand what real women need to motivate and support you to be a fit, healthy and more confident version of yourself with the right balance and lifestyle choices. Love it!!!Jo Gibson

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I can hand on my heart say that I have never enjoyed excercising as much as I do when I'm at Venus. I will never forget my first day walking into the gym, and I remember thinking... "this is the place for me".You could feel the passion that these girls have, they define what their motto is - Female Focued Fitness -. They put us through pain, but it's well worth it in the end.. They don't force us to do anything we don't want to, they don't want us to hate excercising, if anything, they make us fall in love with it more. When I walk in, i'm excited to start the session, some days I never want to leave! I have been a member of a few gyms, done gym classes, had PT trainers, tried it all... Nothing felt right like training at VENUS! I look forward to being apart of their growth, the girls deserve it. Keep up the great work :). mili vuk

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Vintage Kitchen & Vintage Closet

Gourmet313 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo

My favorite coffee in Brisbane the staff is lovely (specially the japanese barista who always prepare my coffee who always has a smile) delicious food the owner is very friendly carolina serna

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Delicious food. Nice vibe. Would get five stars if table-service was provided, like at similar cafés nearby.John Connor

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Interesting venue - but not over keen on the meal being served on a wooden board. Meals acceptable but could have been improved by mince being less lumpy and not so dry, and poached eggs not being hard. I imagined the mince on toast to have plenty of gravy and vegetables - and less curry flavour. Coffee was good, ambience great, no traffic noise even though on a busy main thoroughfare. Will go back and check out all the interesting goodies in the shop - and have another cup of their excellent coffee. Rita Laurie

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Had a pretty good breakfast, coffee OK, food very good, a little messy as served on wooden cutting boards, but it kinda makes it more unique than a plate. Decor is fairly retro (Grandmas kitchen table style furniture etc) and good to see a Sega Master System up and running in the corner.Adrian Worthy

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