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St Leonards Station



Sawatdee Thai Massage

Spa542 Pacific Highway, St Leonards

I had a "Thai Massage" for the first time at Sawatdee Thai Massage and I was very impressed. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but just went along with the flow, i loved the fact that Thai massage is a mix of traditional hard and firm pressure massage and stretching. Turned out to be wonderful and a good experience! Was so nice and relaxed afterwards, I was really tired before. Now i am addicted and visit them a few times a month, i also suggest the Hot Aroma Oil massage, it also has Thai style to it.A Google User

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I have had allot of massage over the years and was surprised at the quality and expertise of the staff at Sawatdee.. There both shops are well managed and i am always welcomed with a warm smile and friendly staff. Each massage i get is a different technique so never boring. I recommended this to anyone also they have 10 times free one times which not many places offer A Google User

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My wife and I have been going for years, and I had one bad massage after a new staff lied about their CV I understood... I complained, got excellent service from the management and a free massage and refund for the poor massage. Excellent service, nice feeling, and excellent massage skills at Sawadtee - I recommend to all my friends.Michael Nicholls

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Sadly, this is not the best massage and I regret the experience altogeher. The massage therapist failed to acknowledge in their professional duties that I was sufferring from a pre-existing rotator cuff injury and continued to stretch my shoulder/arm despite repeated requests not to. I was Facial and scrub was fine and no complaints here. Whilst there is a professional and kind natured atmosphere, I am certain I would have enjoyed the massage had the therapist took their time to read my chart and identified the injuries I had, rather than exacerbate them. Thanks, but no thanks and NEVER again. Julie M

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Anytime Fitness - St. Leonards

Gym1/657 Pacific Highway, St Leonards

Love the brand new gym!! Has everything I needed. Super friendly staff, can't wait to get back thereKylie Whatman

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Amazing gym vibe, that's always clean and all the equipment is in mint condition. Staff are friendly and extremely helpful. Would recommend to everyone!Mason Fitzsimmons

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Love the new club! The staff there are amazing and helpful and the club was clean and tidy! Had the best stay can't wait to train there again!Sandy Lean

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Equipment-wise, everything you need is available and in good condition. Machines, barbells, cardio--- all the usual stuff. Like in most anytime gyms, in between the usual commercial gym music are a string of in-house produced advertisements. Some of these are ok, but the ones they play at St Leonards are particularly painful, with the guy putting on some sort of strange, breathy voice that I suppose was meant to be intense but just came off as weird. I also found some of the in-house rules to be similarly bizarre, particularly the one prohibiting loud or excessive breathing or grunting. Management may well be justified in their concern about loud people putting off other gym-goers, but saying that it represents inefficient or incorrect breathing is patently b/s. All in all, the gym'll get the job done. But not without a few annoying moments. Alex Neville

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Gourmet81 Christie Street, St Leonards

Had been to Nilgiri's for dinner with mum, daughter and wife. The a-la-carte was really amazing, especially for us as we usually stay away from Indian restaurants. I usually gauge Indian food by the quality of the dal thadka and the biriyani being served - and I loved it. Daughter dug into the fresh curry leaf & garlic spiced prawns and my vegetarian wife loved the aloo gobhi. Great ambience as well as service. I have to come back with an appetite on a weekend for the buffet (I've heard it's legendary).Muthu Nathan

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One of the best authentic Indian restaurant I have come across in Sydney. The ambience of the restaurant was quiet amazing, you get a feel of authentic Indian style while you are in the restaurant. The food was one of the best Indian foods around Sydney, the taste was amazing and they have daily specials on the menu. A must try to get a taste of authentic Indian food around the city. E.Ravi Chandra

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One of the best Indian restaurants around Sydney. The owner, a former chef at the Taj hotel chain in South India, is friendly and helpful. There is a fully appointed restaurant serving a la carte and buffet dinners and a smaller, informal "tiffin room" which serves set meals. The food is exquisitely spiced - not burn your tongue hot. Thaths

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I absolutely loved this place untill today. Had worst experience of all, here is an account:- 1. Ordered a main course with naan and lachha parantha. Told by Nilgiris waiter/manager that this is not coming to be $25 per person so cannot serve. When I argued that this is not a usual thing and never have been told such a thing in my past 4 visits with them, he took my order. This is not only insulting but also illogical, If its an ala carte and I order a 10$ dish, does it mean that you wont take my order ?? Stupidity isnt it. If its a mandate from Ajoy, then please mention it in your website and make it official that you now intend to Insult first before taking orders or if it is specific to Indians then mention that too, All brown skins must commit to pay $25 per person before entering. 2. Ordered a Kadhai Paneer and was served a Kashmiri Paneer. When I told them this is an error, they changed to a Kadhai Paneer that is Sweet, without any salt and Zero Red Chillies and no green chillies as garnishing. 3. I initially ordered a $17 portion, In the bill they charged it as $24. When asking them why this is so, they said they charged me for what I ordered and it only comes as $24. I wonder when you want something less to eat on a certain day why there is a pressure of getting more and paying more !! Now, I must tell this that usually Nilgiri's Kadhai Paneer is one amazing dish (custom made on demand and this was suggested by Niligiri's staff in first place in my previous visits, had it 4 times) but what I got to eat today was horrible. Ajoy must look out for this, because I have seen him stride for better quality and in the past had never such an incident. And yes, Vishal really needs to keep it together. Ajoy, please help him and please make sure it never happens again. I am certain that I and many of my friends are not coming back, because what you serve at your restaurant is experience and if thats bad then whats the point of it, my home made food at least has respect with it. I will also add a good thing, that Nilgiris served me fresh rotis/naans when they got my order wrong, so I cant take away something good that happened. But the rest of the experience was bad enough for me to remember this as something that trumps the insult part !!ankit jain

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