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Emerald Puffing Billy Railway



Emerald Village Bakery & Cafe

Gourmet8/9 Kilvington Drive, Emerald

Top quality bakery yummies are sold here. Pizza slices with home-grilled zucchini, eggplant and peppers, great range of pies, artisan pastries from European recipes, gorgeous breads. The decor is warm and slightly industrial, perfect for summer salad days and winter hot chocolate and snuggle-up days. The coffee is seriously good.Ruth Kenrick-Smith

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nice coffee and cakes usually very busy Paul Pavlinovich

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A bustling popular cafe in centre of Emerald. Great variety of hot foods and breads. Quick and friendly service too. Unfortunately all the tasty looking food was very unusually oily and greasy. Also, there was nothing the staff could suggest when asked for something dairy free.Chris Jurewicz

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Gourmet374 Main Street, Emerald

Excellent. Very friendly staff. Didn't need to wait long to get our food even though it was a busy Friday night. Decent prices and very nicely done meals with an imaginative menu. Mixed grill was amazing!Denis Lushch

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What a great place, a reasonably casual feel but still a really nice atmosphere good for dinner for two or a family birthday etc. We enjoyed their Tandoori Chicken Rissotto.. wanted desert but just could not fit it in. I'll be going back for woodfire pizza and desert. Great service, reasonably priced. Highly recommended.Mark Berger

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One of the best restaurants in the hills... great atmosphere, excellent service, and typically outstanding food. Salads and deserts are a bit average though.Michael Deeble

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Really nice food but pricey compared to other local options. Nice atmosphere especially in winter. Paul Pavlinovich

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Lauritos Pizza and Pasta

Gourmet12/344 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald

Always great quality, delivery is always prompt and usually arrives in half the time they have told me. They have always been curtious and professional in rectifying any mistakes or issues. Tim Stapleton

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The Pizza is great, but I have a tip for the staff. I order my Pizza's on the phone because I hate waiting. How can you underestimate the time it will take to make my pizzas every time!! last you had not even put them in the oven and I arrived 5 minutes after I was told.Cam Ward

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I had a great pizza the 1'st time i ordered. It was 8/10. The 2nd time i ordered was a nightmare. The 2 pizza's where raw, and very 2nd rate. They are not cheap pizza. If i pay top dollar i expect top produce. I rang and said that they where raw and was told the manager was to busy to talk to me. I wish i had not payed 30 bucks for there crap pizza. No one bothered contacting me even affter i left them 2 numbers to do so.A Google User

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Don't bother with home delivery. Three hours waiting time for cold pizzas which looked as if the driver rolled the car as there was more topping on the box lid than on the pizza. Never again.Romeo Gadze

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