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Ringwood East



Fish & chips shop

Gourmet30 Railway Avenue, Ringwood East

Friendly service and good fish and chips.Alex Knipping

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Best fish and chips ever, lovely customer service every time we go here weeklyStephen

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Top notch fish and chips. Super friendly staff and amazing steak sandwichesinsomnia

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Excellent service always with a smile, perfectly cooked fish and chips every timeleah mayne

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Indians Again Ringwood East

Gourmet40 Railway Avenue, Ringwood East

This is hands down the BEST INDIAN FOOD! Ive lived in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and now Melbourne, and nothing comes even close to this food. What can I say, its like nothing else simply divine. Service is AMAZING! Cost is medium bracket, not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but who cares when its THE BEST. My only gripe is, you can no longer tip the staff when paying by credit card, only cash tips. Like I said the service is amazing and we love to tip, but didnt last time because the rules have changed. Still, food and service is so good Im giving 5 stars.Catherine Argyros

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Always get it through uber eat. BEST TAKEWAY EVER. the butter chicken is just perfect and by far my favourite food ever. 100% recommendEbony Fixter

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Very quiet (we were the only diners) on Sunday night, so didn't have to wait long for our order. The ambious was not bad, won't say stunning. All the curries (lamb korma, chicken tikka masala etc) were steaming hot, really delicious, having right balance of spices. The nan were flabby, so short of 5* rating.Jignesh Patel

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Naan was too hard and rubbery, used to be great food, not sure if i would go again to India’s AgainArun Mohan

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Tone & Trim Zone

Gym2-4 Railway Avenue, Ringwood East

I would highly recommend this gym. I initially joined this gym to only get toned for my wedding. The ladies helped me feel confident and strong not just on the wedding day but everyday since. This was nearly 2 years ago. I've learnt losing weight on the scales doesn't mean everything. I've gained muscle weight and have toned my body ready for the summer holiday. **Michelle reminds us "skinny jeans" with every squat (^.^) Over the two years I've achieved much more than I've imagined. I've hiked down Gornergrat in Switzerland and hiked above the clouds on Mt Hallasan, South Korea's tallest mountain. I'd like to give credit to all the lovely trainers motivating me every evening. I've learnt different workouts from all of them and I've used them while on holiday. One more shoutout to the familiar faces training next to me. Everyone's looking fantastic!Suzanna Wong

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Ahh Tone&Trim Zone just the name makes my muscles sing (in the best way possible). T&TZ is my favourite place to be, which is crazy coming from me, because just 8 months ago I hated/refused to move!. If you've been to other gyms and not had such an amazing life changing experience like I have then your at the wrong gym. T&TZ isn't just your average gym it's a 2nd family, you get to know and love the trainers and your well aquatinted if not friends with all the members, we all work out together and encourage each other to keep going and PUSH THROUGH THE BURNNNN!!!!. Thank You T&TZ For Making Me The Best Me I Honestly Can Be.jasmine cox

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Terrible experience. Very unfriendly management, not welcoming and quite rude. Don't recommend this gymJenny Davidson

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