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Sydney Domestic Airport Station



Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill

Gourmet2/241 Crown Street, Darlinghurst

For inexpensive, tasty, satisfying Mexican food, come here. I love the options that Mad Mex give you and for a 'fast food' type franchise it really delivers. Love their black beans and the pulled pork. Denise Kwong

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If you are craving for Mexican food, try out Mad Mex. The food is consistently delicious. You can't go wrong when ordering a buritto, of course the guacamole is extra, but it makes the wrap more filling. Its nice to know that there is a place that consistently provides delicious food.Ti Ng

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Very good Mexican Food and they are very quick. The music is nice and the place for a fastfood looks coolVincent Viau

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I thought it would be in the public interest to report the following... A few days ago my partner and I had a beef burrito at Mad Mex. When I arrived home I stated to experience some bad pain in my stomach, the pain progressively got worse. Between 12:00pm and 5:00am I went from vomiting continually to the most severe stomach pain I have ever experienced. The pain was so excruciating that at 5:00am, my partner took me into the emergency department at St Vincent's hospital. I was admitted and eventually put on a drip. At this stage I did not know if it was the Mexican food I ate at Mad Mex or something else, as my partner at this stage had not shown any symptoms. After 12 hours of all kinds of blood test, scans etc, It was clear that I had eaten comtaminated food at Mad Mex. Unfortunately when I got home I found that my partner was now almost as bad as I was. We still have not fully recovered. Neither of us are sensitive to food and this is the first hospital visit I have had after birth, I'm 33 years old. I have reported the incident to the NSW Food Authority and they said they will investigate Mad Mex. I am sure there are other victims as we went the only customers that night, I hope they also come forward to report. Mad Mex clean up your act and stop making your customers sick...Grant McKay

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Sydney Airport

AirportAirport Dr, Sydney

I find it fairly easy to check in and go through to the gates/exit the baggage area. Transportation by train is right there and very convenient but be prepared to pay around $18 to get to the CBD. The food is quite expensive and is worth waiting until you get out to buy something as well as parking costs are atrocious.Thomas Worden

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DO NOT TAKE A TAXI from this airport. Had the most absolute worst taxi experience ever, they obviously do not regulate their service. it was horrible. Go read Legion Cab reviews, my review is there and honestly I am pretty angry at Sydney Airport about this, I did get a choice of cab this is the one I got from the queue of taxis. Absolutely the worst cab ride ever. I will never take a taxi here again. Already off to a bad start visiting Sydney. :(C Campbell

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Staying overnight at the airport is a bit of a nightmare. I definitely try to avoid it, but I live in Canberra and am a sucker for cheap flights (who isn't?). And all the cheap international flights depart from Sydney. So, if your flight to Bali is leaving at 6.45am, what do you do? The only way to get to the airport on time is an evening coach from Canberra, which in my case delivered me to the terminal at 10pm. Leaving eight glorious hours to kill. As many know, the airport has a curfew from 11pm, at which time it shuts down. A tiny corner of International is begrudgingly left open for those travellers with nowhere else to go. Hard floors, bright lights, piped music (why?) and too few seats- just how it's been for years. As the website says, they "don't encourage" passengers to spend the night, because this is not a "transit airport"- whatever that means. If you wish to stay close by, accommodation starts at $99. I don't know about you, but I'd be willing to pay, say $60 for a reasonably comfortable place to spend a few hours. Jesus, a comfortable chair and no piped music would meet my needs more than adequately! Frankly, speaking on behalf of the "overnighters" here, I can just feel the airport CEO giving us all the finger- no, that's not true. He, or she, could not be bothered with us at all. I plead with the state government of NSW to reclaim this airport, because they could not possibly run it any worse than the private corporation that is currently in charge.Matt Boulton

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Sydney Baggage Handling has damaged our luggage three times in a row every time we fly, very poor customer service and even worse they are not apologising for their lack of service but blame customer. illusionist888

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McDonald's Sydney Airport- Gateway

Gourmet9 Ross Smith Avenu, Mascot

always busy,need more staff for a fast food chain,but being in the international terminal they are doing great.thank youJane Hobart

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