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Green Square Station



CrossFit Ignite Sydney

GymUnit 3 198-222 Young Street, Waterloo

I just started coaching here and I immediately feel like I am part of a family. Not only do the trainers make me feel welcome but all of the people that train here are genuinely interested in meeting new people and sharing their stories. It is quite spacious for a crossfit box but offers it's clients all kinds of programs to do and even offers one on one training. One thing that this place is known for is technique and attention to it's clients because they're more than that to them. If you want to build friendships and have a place that's "home" when you train then Ignite is where you want to come.Alex Desmond

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I recently signed with CrossFit Ignite after doing a trial run at their gym. PJ runs a really good gym here and I am having a lot of trouble finding any faults with this place! PJ was flexible for me and offered a program that suits me really well within my budget. The trainers are really hands on and motivational. Their friendly and professional approach is second to none and I always get a kick out of working with them and feel like they push you jusst the right amount every time! The music is a good diverse mix that keeps you pumping and makes the work out fly by. Equipment is clean and top of the range, theirs free fruit & cold filtered water, and you can always get a park either on the street or in the car-park outside office hours. Everyone seems to have this really friendly positive vibe there and I always leave feeling excited for the next session. A great place indeed ! -AustinAustin Venn

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Crossfit Ignite Sydney is a great place to workout! I have been training with them for about 7 years now and I can honestly say I have never committed to any other form of exercise with the same passion as I have to this. My achievements come small and large in every single session, but it is a team effort. The awesome team of well educated Trainers there inspire and motivate me to be the best i can possibly be. Then there are the wonderful gym members that are extremely encouraging and supportive. The programs written for us allow for success and progression, which keeps me coming back. It is important for me to be a good role model for my children - and now with the kids sessions held at the gym they can join in on the fun. Joining Crossfit Ignite Sydney has changed my life in so many ways and i am forever grateful to them. Jo Meli

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I've only been a member of CrossFit Ignite Sydney for a short time (approximately 2 months) but really feel like I've been training there for years. When you first sign up you are given a trial run where a trainer puts you through your paces, mainly to find out your flexibility, body mechanics and overall fitness level. You then have a sit down with a trainer who works with you to identify what your ultimate goal is; your reason for going to CrossFit Ignite. Without a goal you are rudderless and this is one aspect of Ignite that really sets itself apart from other so called gyms. Here client’s health and wellbeing is number one. After your consult you are setup with a folder containing your customised sessions, recording each weight and rep amount. I am certain that if CrossFit Ignite had a theme song it would be the Cheers theme song: 'Where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came'. The friendliness of the trainers is only out-weighed by their knowledge of all things fitness, be it the correct techniques right through to making sure you are eating properly and sleeping soundly. Every trainer I have trained with so far has been very personable and even if they are not directly watching me I know they are keeping an eye on me, making sure my intensity is at the level it should be. The overall cleanliness of the gym is excellent, something I'm sure the staff pride themselves on. On site there is a men and women's change room, complete with lockers and showers. Ignite also offer small sweat towels for when you're working out and large towels for after a shower, both washed by Ignite trainers. If CrossFit Ignite is within your workout radius I would certainly give it a look in. A highly recommended gym with an all-encompassing fitness regime.Laurie Street

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CrossFit Sydney

Gym32 McCauley Street, Alexandria

I know some people are against the crossfit movement but you haven't been here! Andy runs an excellent gym, the trainers are all fantastic and I have done something different every time I've gone over the past 6 months. Not only do I get to do crossfit but also Oly Lifting with programs written by Andy and his team. If you're thinking of joining a gym stop thinking and join this one!Alex Desmond

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Coaches were amazing! I have been doing CF for a while, and I love their dedication to teach. The facility is large, and loaded with all kinds of extra toys that are not typically found in a CF box. Drop in fee was $20, which was cheaper than the box I went to in downtown Sydney. Amanda Fillers

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CFS (CrossFit Sydney) is a pleasurable and enjoyable "box" (Crossfit language for Venue) to train at, it has a warm and relaxed atmosphere, the coaches are very knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive and friendly. The members who train there are also lovely, no attitude, a lot of laughter and everyone encourages each other - trust me there are some workouts where you'll need the support from your fellow crossfitters! There are a wide range of athletic abilities at CFS and it is a testament to the coaches at CFS (and the members of CFS), you will never see anyone who feels overwhelm by the workout or intimidated by their fellow crossfitters who may be at a different level. The training is never dull, everyday is different and you will always get tested in a different manner each day - resulting in constant incremental improvements! Aside from the vibe of CFS, the equipment are top notch and the facilities - Oly lifting and stretching/core areas (oh...and the hot showers!! hell yeah!) are also fantastic. Personally I have been training at CFS for over a year, and recently decided to tailor my training towards a specific goal and Andrew Cattermole (owner and head trainer of CFS) put me on a program towards achieving that goal. I have seen the improvements necessary to achieving my desired outcome. So whether you just want to get fit the Crossfit way or like me you have specific objectives in mind, CFS can accommodate your fitness and health needs. Teck Goon

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CrossFit Sydney is a great box run by a great trainer (Andrew). Unlike a lot of other places run by less knowledgeable trainers, Andrew realizes that CrossFit is a tool and process towards achieving fitness and athletic goals in other endeavors and not some place to sucker you into a contract to just make money. I have been at this box for almost two years now, through phases of conditioning, strength building, and now unfortunately, rehab. Andrew and his staff of friendly, helpful trainers have helped me through every step of the way.Zhi Qiao

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Chickens Plus

Gourmet1/11 Crystal Street, Waterloo

Bloody brilliant chicken burgers. Troppo Mona combo... delectable! Matt Evans

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Tropo Mona Combo never disappoints. Pineapple and chicken with peri peri sauce is a meal made for the gods! Matthew Warren

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I have never had such a tasty roast pork and gravy roll that just melts in your mouth and crackling that will spark from your mouth leaving you with tears of tasty pleasure!Michael Cross

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The Mona wrap never disappointsRicardo Goncalves

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