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Menya Japan

Gourmet8/8 Quay St, Haymarket

Great value, delicious. Friendly service. Relaxed atmosphere, not fancy, but authentic. Brad Baker

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Menya Noodle Bar Chinatown (not to be confused with Menya Noodle Bar City or Menya Mappen) is a noodle bar focused mainly on ramen and is actually the first Menya Noodle Bar. It shares many similarities with Menya Noodle Bar City, but I believe it is more focused on ramen, since you get to choose between pork and chicken broth, as well as shoyu or miso. The place is a bit hidden, and it's next to the heart of Chinatown, so people who don't really venture into Chinatown may have a hard time finding it. However, it's next to Chinese Noodle Restaurant and Cho Dumpling King, so if you're accustomed to patronising those institutions, you'll have no problem finding Menya Noodle Bar Chinatown. Upon entering you notice the communal seating, and a massive menu on the wall. You simply order, take a seat, and wait for your food to come...and come it does in a flash. This place is all about ramen, and it does an amazing job with ramen. I've got to say, this place is one of the best places to get ramen in the city. I've had many others, from Gumshara, Ramen Kan, Ichiban Boshi, Ajisen Ramen, Tonton, Hokkaido, and many more and this place is arguably the best place. I repeat, this place is arguably the BEST PLACE to get ramen in the city. The broth is rich and flavourful, but not too salty. The noodles are soft, easy to chew, and leave you wanting for more. The meat (ohh..the meat) is tender, not too fatty, and cooked just right. I ordered the ton-toro ramen with tonkotsu miso broth this time around and it was a great meal on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. My friend offered me a piece of her tori kara-age and it made me want to order a side of tori kara-age, but I couldn't betray the pork in my bowl. It's hard to go wrong here...they offer all kinds of ramen, ramen boxes, rice dishes, curry dishes, udon, soba, and several different sides. If you're in the fan of ramen, you need to have a go at this place.Howard Chen

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Comes across as a quick, cheap and cheerful ramen bar, but the richness of the house Tonkatsu broth makes Menya my favourite ramen in the city.Mike Perrow

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Despite the fact that their food is tasty, my girlfriend GOT SICK TWICE after eating there. Shes is actually in bed right now very sick, weak, with stomach pain, and nausea. She vomited once on the pathway on the way home, plus FIVE times so far at home. It happened after she ate one of the pork noodles one hour ago. Thats why their food comes so quickly.... Won't recommend this place to any friend anymore.Alex Broering

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Gourmet211/25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket

Best ramen in Sydney that you wouldn't think to find in a food court in Chinatown. Don't be deterred by the menu (ramen, ramen, ramen) - regardless of what you choose you will most definitely be satisfied by the end of your meal! The chef is obviously chorused in developing the broth to epic proportions - you simply cannot eat anything else after the flavour burst that is Gumshara. I typically order the pork miso + egg (always get egg!) which is great on one of those cooler, windy nights.Celestine Bond

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Gumshara is a hidden gem tucked away in an unassuming corner of the Eating World food court. Conveniently located between Central and Town Hall, the smell of thick broth ramen wafts over Darling Harbor, drawing crowds from all over Sydney. The noodles themselves are a taste sensation that will take you on a journey from the subtle texture of the ramen to the intriguing depth of the long boiled broth. The classiness of a single dish cannot be matched by the simple decor of the food court and will leave you feeling like a sir amongst plebeians. Reasonably priced for such a taste experience, it is not surprising that Gumshara has earned themselves the reputation as the best ramen joint in Sydney. Zikang Xia

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I head to Gumshara in Eating World on Dixon Street when I'm in Chinatown and looking for a big, cheap bowl of ramen. I usually get a piping hot bowl of cha shu ramen. The service is efficient and pleasant and make sure you leave room for the free refill of noodles! If you're extra skint, go with a friend and split a bowl!Karen Wong

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Famous for their ultra thick ramen broth, this little ramen shop located in the eating world food court in Chinatown is usually pretty busy. Being a ramen fan who had shamefully never eaten here before, I opted for the chashu ramen which comes with extra serving of pork slices and added an extra egg. The total comes to $15.5 which is quite as pricey for a bowl of ramen but it’s still not as pricey as Ippudo. When I first tasted the super thick broth, I wasn't so sure I liked it. I don't mind the thickness of it, I just found that flavour wise it was just salty and doesn't have enough sweetness from the bones. However, once I mixed a bit of the complementary garlic oil into it, miraculously it all comes together and makes perfect sense. The pork slices were melt in the mouth and utterly delicious. The noodles are on the softer side and the egg was pretty well done. If you’re comparing ramens, keep in mind that every place has its own style. If you like your soup thick then this is the place to go. Orders are quickly taken and served however seatings can be hard to find on a busy Friday night. Another tip is be careful not to leave your belongings unattended as shop lifters do roam this area. Gumshara is closed on Mondays. ---------------- Food: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Atmosphere: 3/5 Value: 4/5 Visit again: Yes Try this: Tonkotsu ramenOlivia Ta

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Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre

Gym458 Harris St, Sydney

I took up a free trial here and had a fantastic experience. Minutes away from our house its of the upmost convenience and the times I have been it isn't to crowded and offers great facilities. Ed Ringwood

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Having to train for an event in the middle of winter when my local outdoor pool is closed, the Ian Thorpe Aquatic centre is a good alternative. The lanes are rarely full at this time of year (July) and the water is the perfect temperature to not overheat or leave with goosebumps. I've found the staff to be quite friendly so far, despite some other reviews. Change rooms are fairly basic, but do the job-I'd suggest bringing flip flops to wear in the shower. You need to bring a $2 coin to pay for locker use, and additional fees apply for parking underneath the centre. If you're there early enough, there is free parking in the surrounding streets, otherwise it's metered during the day. Gill Dear

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I find the gym very well equipt and staff very helpful and friendly. The 50 m swimming pool is always at a good temperature and there is always a lot of room for all levels of swimmers. My young children enjoy all the 3 pools over our 6 year association with the pool and the swim school staff extremely well suited for their jobs. The reception staff are very helpful and friendly as well. The lift does appear to breakdown a lot. We especially enjoy the new weekly inflateable feature in the pool.Hudson Thurlow

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Good swimming centre, but I found the experience with an enrollment of my child into the swimming classes was very frustrating that could be easily fix by allowing to make enrollment over the phone as I did with other Swimming Centres. I had to come into the Centre and enroll on the spot. I don’t understand why I couldn't book the time over the phone even one day before the enrollment day and I was happy to provide all required information for processing a deposit to book the time as I did with other Centres previously. Another point. In the morning I left a message with receptionist where I asked to confirm available time for the enrollment so I can come to the Centre and face to face enroll my child and the Centre contacted me late afternoon (4-5 hours later), I find it is not very attentive for the customer service provided by the Centre. This can be improved. Flioura Davy

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