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Caulfield Railway Station




Gourmet2 Derby Road, Caulfield East

Run by a team of Japanese chefs headed by Mr Hiroki Moya, this corner restaurant is one of my favourites! The problem with many Japanese places is that they aren't run by Japanese (no offense to non-Japanese owners intended, but many simply don't know how to make Japanese food properly) - not so with Uzu. Simple dine in meals such as Katsu Don, Ramen and Japanese Curry are consistently good. The sushi selection is a cut above other generic ones, and did I mention they do the best tako-yaki in town? If you're in the neighborhood, go in and try some! It's worth getting off at Caulfield Station just to try these!A Google User

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Best sushi in the area, I recommend trying the teryiaki chicken and teryiaki beef handrolls, both are tasty and get two of each. paying less than $10 for a good and fillin meal which is also quiet healthy for you. Harry Tenenbaum

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Some of the best sushi in town.Sengor Kusturica

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Love Uzu! Cheap. Fresh sashimi. Friendly staff. Small shop. Miss living on the south side but still pop in when I get the chance Éva J.

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Derby Thai

Gourmet4 Derby Crescent, Caulfield East

Great simple food, well priced, but the dining is shared with the kitchen making it noisy to eat at.Sebastian Puciłowski

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Recommended: any of the fried rice is good, not enough if you eat a lot, but ok to a normal person; the 'Morning Glory' is excellent a plus on that one.Kevin A. L. Villarreal

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Zagame's Caulfield Hotel

Gourmet25 Derby Road, Caulfield East

Was invited to the "Ticket to Ride" Promotion last night. It was so well organised - received two free drink tickets, discount on a meal in the bistro, a bag of sweets - and there was so much finger food. A lot of well planned organisation would have gone into this. Well done Zagame's Caulfield! (Pity I didn't win anything on the night but I will be there for future promotions!)Joanne Holloway

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This place has been our perfect pre-exam and post-exam eatery to either stuff our faces with comfort food and/or study for our impending hours of doom. The food is very hearty and the portions are reasonable.A Google User

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nice beef rib. average overall. love their steak sandwich before. now off the manueA Google User

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They were very rude and put the phone down when I tried to phone them just nowRebecca Hunt

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