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Beauty Lipo

Spa35 Tilba Street, Aberfeldie

I have been visiting Beauty Lipo for nearly a year now. It a clinic where you come to have your treatment and relax at the same time. I often fall asleep when I do the treatment as it painless but also effective which I seen amazing results. Lusia she is one of the beauty therapy that I have seen with the patience and a thoughtful heart. She will guide you what to do and what machine is good for your treatment. She takes time to listen to what you want to gain and what is your goal of having the treatment. She explain thing in details to whether which machine work best for which areas and how your skin react to it. She also encourages people to eat healthy to gain extreme results and to have a good health for you. I have seen amazing results with the entire machine that Louisa uses on me and now I’m in the procedure to maintain my body and most importantly is my health. Now I have more confident when going out after have two kids. I have never look as good as this. All the effort is from Lusia. Mandy Tran

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I have to say I am wrapped with my treatments with Beauty Lipo! I lost an overall 20 cm from my stomach - after 4 treatments of a mix of methods. While its no secret that diet and exercise are a necessary part of weight loss goals, I dare say that these treatments really do help shake that stubborn fat that wont move, no matter how much you diet or exercise. I speak from experience as eat very natural and exercise every day yet it wasn't until I had this treatment that things started to take shape - and at a much quicker pace then they would have otherwise! I am keen to have more treatments done and I know I can as it is very affordable in comparison to many other companies out there. To top it all off Luisa is highly experienced, offers top service and is the loveliest person ...which is what you want when you undertake these personal types of treatments. So very happy I chose to do this, even though i was very hesitant at the start Luisa has helped me become a believerOli Fabiana

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I met Louisa through Groupon and never looked back. With her professional, warm and generous service, Louisa knows exactly what you want and she delivers a 110%. I was a little skeptical at first but didn't take long to be convinced as the amazing transformation and sculpting of my figure happened within few seasions. Few weeks before my trip to Europe, I had few seasion and before I knew it, I became a size 8. Something I wouldn't have dreamt off. I cannot begin to tell you! Trust me, you have to try it. Don't waste anymore time. Louisa, i cannot thank you enough.Roula Atieh

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I have been Luisa's customer for more than a year, and the results have been incredible. Her experience, and honestly are priceless. I have seen the change in my body from day one, love handles, hips, inner thighs, cellulite, all gone. In the past I went to many other places spending big amounts of money to not see results; but since I met Luisa I have seen the change in my body. Her hospitality and attention to details are her best qualities. She is not there for the money, she really loves helping people feel great about themselves when they see results after their treatments. I highly recommend her spa. nono nana

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CinemaRosamond Road, Maribyrnong

Great cinema. Convinient with eateries close by and free parking. Bjørn Kamfjord

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I Really Liked Going To Hoyts Cinema, High Point With My Cousin, Family, Helper... So Much Too In The 4 Holidays Of A Years. Brian Bang Nguyen

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I am quite disappointed with my experience here. I have been here before and the service is great. BUT I don't understand why it is so difficult to answer the phone. You see, I have called them about 5 times and yet no one has picked up. Therefore I cannot see when my movie is playing. This is quite distressing for me as now I have to go there tomorrow and check and if the session is not playing at the time I want, what am I going to do? Pick my nose for 2 hours? No. So Hoyts, if you are reading this. Please pick up your phone! Paris London New York

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Plume Chinese Restaurant

Gourmet120-200 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong

Loved the yum cha delicous great with a wine on a sunday great service my favourite Paul Freeman

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Your usual Chinese food - I've been for Dim Sum and dinner and it's good. We've been here many times the manager knows us now and we always have our food come out quickly. It's a little pricey for standard Chinese food. The menu is standard but I don't find anything standing out.Jay McMillan

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Good Yum Cha. Haven't been to their doncaster branch. But will definitely come backb king

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Enjoy the Lobster. Went back for Yum cha and enjoyed that too. Food is better than Gold Leaf. The price is comparable though. tipsy turtle

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