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Austin Hospital

Hospital145 Studley Road, Heidelberg

Allways a pleasure to visit the Austin from the day my father was diagnosed and given treatment for multiple mialoma and past away at the same hospital 3 years ago and now I am here as I have a urinary tract infection staff have been great keep up the good work Austin & StaffBilly67 Billy6767

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Austin Hospital and their related medical services totally saved my life - twice. What more can I say? I love them.Kim Carter

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Every time I call this place its at least a 20 min wait time just to speak to someone to make an appointment.... what kind of joke is this? Once I wanted only to be hung up on.... (accidently I guess) then waiting again.... over 30 min finally get through and been waiting over 6 months just to see someone.... again HIRE MORE PEOPLE.Vaughan Elphick

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Took my 85 year old mother to the hospital with a fractured foot and in need of a hip replacement. went in at 8 o'clock in the morning, was assessed by doctors several times and was told she required a scan of her foot. being a Saturday there was no staff to operate the equipment. we waited until 2:30pm when she was told that she had to get off her wheelchair because only two in the emergency department. when I explained that the reason she was able to sit for six and a half hours was because the wheel chair was more comfortable than the hard seats they have we had two security guards sent to remove her from the chair. we weren't rude or abusive in any way. the only thing I said was that id rather go home than have mum sit on those hard seats where she would have been uncomfortable. this was appalling and I said that had I known this would happen I would have brought my own wheel chair. be warned that if you have intentions of visiting the Austin you best bring your own chair.charlie v

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Ivanhoe Tavern Charcoal Grill Steakhouse

Gourmet250 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe

it is a pleasure having emilio cook my steak, scotch fillet melts in your mouth, all the side dishes are nice , you need to try his variety of meats , the best,, going back soon, with the boys Greg Bertuna

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Amazing steaks that melt in your mouth and a lovely cosey restaurant Pleasure achievedJohn Torouno

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very very nice the best in melboureMichael Soccio

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Been coming here for over 15 year's and love the chevap packs to take home always tasty and fast service, even when changed owners, love it. Paul paul m

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Mint Leaf Indian Restaurant

Gourmet84/86 Yarra Street, Heidelberg

A definite recommendation. Great value, good friendly service, great food. Had the Butter Chicken, Beef Bombay, Daal Tadka and Prawn Masala. With Samosas and Tandoori Platter starters, finished with Pistachio Kulfi for desert. The flavours of the Samosas and dipping sauce were amazing. The Butter Chicken was beautiful. The Prawn Masala the smells and fresh tastes, lovely. Very spoiled by great Indian food in Melbourne, will be going back to this one for sure.Laura Celestin

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Lovely staff and quality food. Very consistent standards (I never walk away feeling like it was a bad meal) and love the pappadums and dipping sauce to start things off.Daniel Adams

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We ordered home delivery. We struggled to meet the $30 minimum, so added deserts and what not. Now we have a yummy banquet! Such excellent value! We are now your regular, and will tip from now on.Leigh Blackall

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Walked in with my wife and we were hungry and looking forward to some nice indian food, it was very quiet with only 2 tables occupied, the waitress was strange, sat us down with some water, then went off to serve the others, we had some of our wine we brought and waited over 10 minutes to receive a menu, the waitress knew we were waiting but never bothered to be polite and say she would be with us soon. That was enough, my wife and I got up and left after about 15 mins as we had not received a menu even but that stage. Naturally we will not be recommended this to anyone nor will we ever go near the place again, if I was in charge of that restaurant I would fire the waitress on the spot. ronzo1981

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